G – Gadgets for Seniors. 

In today’s post, I will be talking about few gadgets that are very useful for seniors in keeping them connected with their family and friends. Communication is vital for every one and more so for elders. Technology solves issues and there are many gadgets that help seniors live independently and confidently. Let us explore some … Continue reading G – Gadgets for Seniors. 


I had shifted to an apartment complex in this final phase of my life for security reasons. All my life, I had lived in banglows and maintained great gardens. Alas, there was no social media to flaunt the beautiful well manicured spaces. 😞 I was so confident with my green thumb that as soon as … Continue reading MY GARDENING WOES 😦

I preferred White’s over Black – Racist?

I was born with black silky crowning glory and they remained so for almost three decades till I changed my "colours". 🤣 It was sometimes in mid nineties, when the advertisements of hair colours on TV and in print media caught my attention. I had a liking for brown shades then. To have brown tinge … Continue reading I preferred White’s over Black – Racist?