Flourishing in the Times of Covid 19


It has been over a year when Covid induced trauma, isolation and grief entered our lives and overpowered all good things. It has taken away the socialising from human life and they say we are social animal. How long will it take to feel good?

The psychologist calls the combination of physical, emotional and mental fitness as “flourishing”. It’s opposite to “languishing”, which means stagnation.

As of now, we are languishing in Covid created jails and it has been a long long time when we feel to flourish.

“Languishing is a sense of stagnation and emptiness. It feels as if you are looking at your life through a foggy windshield”, explains psychologist Adam Grant.

Flourishing on the other hand is to take charge of all aspects of life and feel good about it. It encompasses the simple steps to recharge your emotional batteries, spark a sense of fulfilment, happiness and purpose. It will help in leading a physical, mental and emotional fitness. This is flourishing.

How can we flourish under these tough circumstances?

1. Express Gratitude – Remember our expression of gratitude by clapping for healthcare workers? Expressing gratitude helps us to improve our mental state and thus quality of life. 

2. Try something new – With so many master classes available online, try to learn a new skill. It gives a sense of satisfaction and happiness. Even if you are not so tech savvy, do not worry , do try something new at-home. Like a new dish, or refurbish an old piece of furniture. Just yesterday, I have painted an old brown coloured, faded plastic chair which was 20 years old. And I felt so happy after finishing the product.


3. Celebrate – My father’s 90th birthday came in pandemic. We had bigger plans but nothing much could be done under the circumstances. So, we did a zoom party and he felt as if whole family is there with him. Celebrating every small joy/ achievement/ victory/ event or any good thing around brings enthusiasm in life.

4.Find purpose in everyday routine – No, we are not talking about great philosophical things about purpose of life. Happiness comes if you plan to do a something new. Like reaching out to those who matter to you in life or completing a simple impact full task can bring a sense of accomplishments. Something as small as trying a new dish brings in some romance in life. Gardening is another hobby which helps keep in positive frame of mind.

5. Connections – This is the most missed part under pandemic. But whatever modes of communication are available, use them and connect with your loved ones in particular and community at large. With so many social media platforms available to us, it’s easier to connect. 

Let us make an effort to flourish !


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Lessons Learnt From The Covid Pandemic

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The covid 19 was / is a global catastophe. The world has never been affected by any single event as with this. Never heard of the lockdowns before the spread of this chinese virus. It has shaken the world completely. But as they say, every event has something good too. So is true with Covid 19. Looking back on lockdown and other events during last year, I find the situation created by Covid 19 was a great learning opportunity.

My lessons learnt frpm the pandemic: –

  • Let’s take care of nature – Nature can throw surprises and can bring the scientists back to the basics despite gaining so much scientific knowledge. As in this case, a completely unkown virus has pushed the scientists to extend their limits, which they did by finding out the vaccine so soon. Human spirit to live is stronger than the Wuhan virus spirit to kill. We have tried to subjugate nature by using technology. Nature can not be won over this way. The only way to live happily ever after is to coexist lovingly with nature.
  • Austere living is beautiful– During lock down, we have learnt to live with minimum of things. Necessities of life are very few. Many things make life full of clutter. To live a happy and contended life, we need very  few things to fulfill our basic requirments.

  • Be humble – Life is unpredictable. No one can have complete control over it. Not even the mightiest of the rulers. The economical progress of the world can be halted by a small virus.
  • Let’s make health a priority – During Covid, the most popular Google search was to know the ways to increase immunity. How to live a healthy life. Every culture was exploring the age old knowledge of a healthy living. Survival is the topmost priority for everyone. No one wants to die. Online yoga and exercise classes have become so popular as these were seen as a way of maintaining health while indoors. To enjoy life, good health is mendatory.

  • Flexibility is great virtue – Lock down has forced people to change their old habits. Though it’s said that old habits die hard. People who used to say that they cant sleep without an after dinner walk were seeing having a sound sleep without a walk. Tobaco chewers have to live without it. Big time shoppers had to stop shopping from showrooms. Wanderes have been forced to stay at home.
  • Freedom is happiness: Preserve it – Lockdown has curtailed our freedom. We were forced to leave the freedom to move around and on our own will. It was suffocating. When we were given permission to go out , it was such a big relief albiet with conditions of masking and social distancing. Even with these conditions, the difference was apparent.

  • Innovations and adaptation helps evolve from any situation – Digital adoption became so fast during the lockdown. In the first few days, there was a flood of invites for webinars, facebook live etc. It was a way to get connected with a vengeance. Working from home and online meetings and trainings have become a norm. Financial transactions and e-commerce came into prominence and made life easy.  We may wonder, why we have not adpoted these earlier? Let us not wait for a calamity to bring innovations in our life. Let us be more open to changes.


  • Success or failure depends on many factors – Nature has it’s own way to teach. During lockdown, some businesses ( like food and travel) which were considered lose proof were hit badly while some other thrived. No one can say that he can be successfull in any business. Extraneous factors play a great role. Ego has no place in life.
  • Smart phones, internet connectivity has become basic necessity – Smart phones have become the life line, right for the small kid who needs to connect with her class or to any body else. Internet and smart phone have played a prominent role in keeping families and friends in touch. They have become a great tool for learning too.
  • Being alive and living is  important – The pandemic have taught all of us what it takes to be alive. It has taught us to be more humane. We have become more empathetic and concerned for people around us. During lockdown, most of the households have paid their home helps for the time they have not come to work. Family members have come closer.  Living rooms are now used for living and not just to impress guests.




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The Corona vaccine is the first adult vaccine of the world, which is so much eagerly awaited.

We should give all the credits to our scientists and researchers who have developed this vaccine in record time frame. India has come out as the pharmacy of the world. I have come across a statement of Canadian PM, Justine Trudeau , where he gives credit to India in saving the world from Corona.

In India, after administering the vaccine to doctors, health care workers and front liners, vaccination has been opened for senior citizens (above 60 years) and 45 +age group who have comorbities.

The registration for vaccine has started on 1st March itself. I was following all the news regarding this as I am keen to be vaccinated at the earliest. One confusion regarding taking an appointment was that, though registration can be done through the Co-WIN or Arogya setu app but to book a slot, one has to go to the website. When after few trials, I can not get the appointment on app, I tried on the Co-WIN website. It was afternoon of March 1st and I could get the appointment of 28th March. Besides registrations, another channel of walk-ins is also available.

On 2nd March, we have tried again and got the appointment of the same day afternoon. We went to the designated hospital little before time. I was expecting some technical (or otherwise ) glitches as it’s just the 2nd day of the vaccination roll out.

On reaching there, we found a number of seniors sitting there with some forms in hand. On enquiry, we were told to fill the hospital form and then wait for a call from the hospital for the date and time slot. No timeframe was given. We (me and RB) came back disappointed with almost no clue when we will be vaccinated.

On 3rd morning, my yoga class was just over and I was thinking about what to cook for the breakfast. Deeply contemplating upon the available ingredients, ease of cooking and what can be cooked, my thoughts were broken abruptly by the ring of my mobile. It was an unknown number but I picked it up. The caller said that he is calling from hospital and you have been allotted 11 – 12 noon slot for vaccination. This call has energized me.

I opted for the simplest and popular family breakfast of bread pakoras. It’s everyone’s favorite. My dad like them as they are soft and suitable for his toothless mouth. 😁 RB loves to have bread for the breakfast and it fits the bill. I like them as they are easy to make and spicy too, hence suits me as a cooking expert 😉 and satisfies my taste buds.

We reached the hospital 15 minutes before our slot. There were few people sitting in the que, but no information about where we stand. One senior citizen, who might be waiting for sometime lost his temper and started shouting and cursing the system and hospital. This brings out the administrator and he explained the system. There were two channels – walk-ins with no prior registration and pre registered who were called by the hospital. We were handed over the forms and shown our place in the que, where we sat and moved one step ahead. It took 90 minutes in the whole process. They checked the ID card and payment of ₹250 was made before going to the vaccination room. I was administered Covishield vaccine. I did not feel anything except the mild prick. After the vaccination, we had to wait in the observation room. As we were feeling fine, so we were told to go after 20 minutes. Generally, people are asked to wait upto 30 minutes. The sister told us to take paracetamol, if feeling body ache or feverish.

For the second dose, hospital will call to inform time and date. Fair enough.

Here are some points which must be kept in mind before going for vaccination for senior citizens –

1. Take original ID card like pan card, aadhar card, election/ voter card or passport.

2. Go with stomach full. Have a sumptuous meal before taking the shot.

3. Don’t forget to take a water bottle as summers are setting in.

4. If under medication, take your prescription along.

5. If allergic to some medicine, do inform before-hand.

6. It takes around 1.5 to 4.5 hrs depending upon the city, so be prepared for this. Keep some biscuits or dry snacks or a fruit.

7. If not feeling well, postpone your visit to some other day by calling the hospital.

8. You may also take someone younger for support, if need be.

9. Don’t miss the second shot. They both make the complete vaccination.

10. Vaccine takes approximately a fortnight’s time to be effective, so keep mask and follow social distancing. Do not go out, unless unavoidable.