Book Review – “Memories of My Father” by Jayanthi K Manikandan

This is the first book I downloaded from the Blogchatter e-Book carnival. I knew it is going to be the most heartwarming book.  What else can come out of a loving daughter’s heart? The book starts with his childhood days of the author's appa and shows his struggle, hard work, foresightedness, and a strong commitment … Continue reading Book Review – “Memories of My Father” by Jayanthi K Manikandan

Health Insurance for Seniors

Health is of prime importance at every stage of life and more so as we age. The expenses on health care increase with age. But the salary is always more than the pension. So, the healthcare expenses pinch. One should create enough kitty for health care in old age. It is not a good idea … Continue reading Health Insurance for Seniors

G – Gadgets for Seniors. 

In today’s post, I will be talking about few gadgets that are very useful for seniors in keeping them connected with their family and friends. Communication is vital for every one and more so for elders. Technology solves issues and there are many gadgets that help seniors live independently and confidently. Let us explore some … Continue reading G – Gadgets for Seniors. 


My father in his early nineties is staying with me for the last 28 years. I have been observing the decline in his cognitive abilities with age. He is forgetting things off and on with time, more so in the last two to three years. I was worried - if it is age-related or setting … Continue reading F – FORGETFULNESS

E for Expressing Gratitude

Hello, so it’s day five of the A2Z challenge and E is the letter of the day. Today, I will share the importance of expressing gratitude and how it brings changes in the life of seniors. Just a reminder again, this post is in the series of my topic “Seconds Innings”. In this series, I … Continue reading E for Expressing Gratitude

D for Depression in Seniors

As per the dictionary, "depression" means - feelings of severe despondency and dejection. Some say, depression is the state of feeling very unhappy and without hope for the future. Everyone feels sad or low some time or the other. It is part of life. But if such feelings go for few weeks or months, then it is depression. It is much more than the … Continue reading D for Depression in Seniors

B for Bones, The Strong Bones

It is important to be happy in the sunset years. Just like everyone else, seniors have to keep themselves strong physically, mentally, financially, and spiritually to lead a happy and contented life. I shall be sharing different ways to maintain robust health in all four realms (physical, mental, financial, spiritual) in 26 posts throughout April … Continue reading B for Bones, The Strong Bones