Flower Show 2020

A visit to annual flower show organised by Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation by the Sabarmati River Front is mendatory for every Ahmedabadi. I have been visiting it for last few years and every year it gives a new experience. This year was no different. I and RB usually plan a visit to such public places on weekdays only to avoid heavy rush on weekends. But this year, we were very busy with prior committments and were left with no option but to visit on Saturday. We opted for Uber cab to travel to the show to avoid parking problems and traffic jams on weekends. It was a wise decision.

This year, the ticket windows were in the parking area and one has to walk almost for 5 minutes to reach the entry gate. This has helped the overcrowding of entry gate as people spread out and there were no bottlenecks of crowd. The entry way opened into a large open space.

Entry Gate, Flower Show 2020

As one enters the show arena, the first look is of Mahatma Gandhi amidst beautiful flower arrangements. It was a treat to eyes. The whole area on right hand side is devoted to father of the nation. The Dandi Yatra scene, his travel as a common man in 3rd class of railways and sitting with charkha were depicted. Gandhi ji is made so perfect almost as if he is real. I find him better than what is made in Madam Tussauds London Museum. It’s like going back in time.

The first view as one enters.
Charkha – Symbol of self-reliance .
Travelling as a commoner in 3rd class in train.
Power of a pinch of salt .

The next cluster was dedicated to sports.

Soccer – Football, as we call it.
Badminton racket and shuttlecock.
Cricket bat and ball.
🏑 Hockey and ball

What an artistic display of sports in flowers ! A message for every one to add at least one sport /game in life. It’s important to nurture sporty side as it helps in keeping good health. We know, health is wealth. 😊💪

This year, Ahmedabad Fire Services Department has showcased their achievements in flower.

Ahmedabad Fire Department anthem – We Serve To Save.
Flower decked fire fighting truck

This year, flower show was also used to create awareness about the ill effects of smoking and diseases spread by mosquito bites like malaria, dengue or chikengunia etc. I am sure, the grand displays will definitely bring awareness and understanding of public at large and make them responsible towards their own health.

Smoking kills.
Awareness about saving from mosquitoes and the diseases they spread.

In one corner, Sanjivani Parvat and valley was created where one can see flying Hanumanji carrying Sanjivani booti (herb). I salute the people involved in creating this story.

Creating Sanjivani Parvat and a flying Hanumanji bringing Sanjivani buti is the most admired scene.

Sharing some more photos of the flower show. And after that what we are there. 😋

Save Trees , coming straight from the mouth of the trees.
Shopping area for enthusiastic shoppers. Buy everything you need for gardening.
Identify this bird with tallest neck 🤔
Shaded spots were created at places to catch your breath and enjoy the serenity created by flowers around. Very thoughtful !!
Clear signboards to help you walk through the park.

We walked past gate no. 2 and came out from gate no. 3. The whole riverfront park was well decorated. Creating photo booths and food stalls at strategic places shows much how much effort and planning in the right direction have gone into preparations.

The small water body in the park was full of blooming lotus flowers.
Artificially created rocks around a small water stream.
Photo decks for social media. 😋

Our Food Story –

We had Live Dhokla from Radhe Dhokla Centre. It was a single pop up near riverfront side. I forgot to click picture. It was hot, spicy and tasty and I was very hungry. A sumptuous healthy snack of the day.

To quench our thirst, we opted for coconut water instead of aereated drinks. Rujuta Diwekar effect. After moving around for another hour, hungerpangs knocked again. This lady with a large bag of these pipes and very tempting aloo / potato vegetable caught my eyes. It’s known as Bataka -ghoongra in local dialect costs me Rs. 30 only. It was sufficient for two persons. We both had our stomachs full.

Bataka – Ghoongra

It made a tasty snack. Just push the pipe like structure into well boiled potato vegetable, some potatoes will hold on th the pipe and now have a bite. Funny way of eating. I relished it.

We walked through the entire length of the flower park and came out from Gate 1, which is near Ellis Bridge. We walked towards the main road and on the way met a street vendor selling damn cheap and good quality 🍓 strawberries and 🥝 kiwi, which I vouch as the most reasonable rates in whole city. Kiwi at 10 rs per piece and strawberries 5 standard packs for 100 without any bargain. We are buying at more than double rate in our area, so we’re shocked at his offer and didn’t bargain. 😋

We called an Uber and came back home, refreshed and happy.


Ahmedabad Food Bloggers Meet @Baraco Sizzler , 16th Dec, 2018

It all started by a message on Instagram  of “dil-vich_foodie“. Few messages were exchanged on Insta and then we shifted to whatsapp. The foodie at heart ( dil-vich-foodie) turns out to be Priti Gupta and the conversation was about the blogger’s meet she is organising. Since I am free on Sunday, I confirm my presence for the lunch meet at 2PM. The venue was The Cafe Baraco Sizzler, in Memnagar, opposite Memnagar Fire station.

An Uber cab took me to the venue in 35 minutes and I reached there by 2.25pm. The late arrival was never intended but there was some issue with the availability of cabs.It took me almost 30 minutes to get a confirmed booking instead of usual 15 minutes. I principally avoid reaching late and prefer to adhere the scheduled timings.

I have never been to any bloggers’ meet earlier and this is my first meet. My son has actually motivated me to attend as he says, these are good fun and good for networking (I never understood this digital marketing term). I have accepted the invite for two reasons. One, I found a connect with Priya immediately through messages and second I love meeting people.

As I reached the venue, I was received very warmly by Bharatiben from the Cafe Baraco . Bharatiben is very unassuming and warm person. After an initial introductory round, little gupshup, the food started pouring in. It continued for almost 2 hours.


It started with soups. Two soups -“Thai leek cilantro” and “Mexican de beans cilantro” were served in buns. Thai leek cilantro soup was milder, less spicy while Maxican de beans cilantro was spicy, true to its origin.


Thai Leek Cilantro Soup in a bun

Starters :

Soups were followed by starters. Crispy veg in chilli coriander sauce, Sunehra Mushroom, Cheese chilly kababs and peri-peri- focaccia sandwiches. 

The crispy veg in chilli coriander sauce has distinct and refreshing taste of every ingredient in the name  and  has crispiness in every bite.

The kababs have soft cheesy centre and tastiest when eaten hot.

Sunhera mushroom is an unusual starter. I am not a mushroom fan, but have fallen in love with mushroom in this new avatar.

This peri-peri focaccia is the best seller item of the outlet. The moment,you have a bite and you know, why it’s a winner.

Main Course:

Main course was a  mix of sizzlers and great Indian food.

Each one of steaming hot sizzlers were a complete meal in itself. With lots of stir-fry vegetables, tikkies,rice, salad and sauces …. their taste lingers on.

Indian spread consists of  vegetable lahori, paneer amritsari, missi roti, tandoori roti, tava roti and tandoori prantha. I never expected to have authentic north Indian food, popularly known as punjabi food at Cafe Baraco.


I wish, the desserts were calorie free, so that one can have them without guilt. The plating were equally exquisite as the desserts. Good to look at and great to eat. Apple tart is my weakness and they were just so good. The cinnamon- apple flavour was so heavenly.

Mocktails and Shakes:

The mocktails have very interesting names: Virgin Colada, The Passion Tornado, French Kiss, Orange Lime Relaxer and Safe Sex on the Beach.  🙂  😛

The shakes served were strawberry shake, blueberry shake, brownie shake and kitkat shake.

The cafe Baraco