Earth Day 2022

It is Earth Day 2022 today. So, I have shifted from my topic of the challenge, the “Second Innings”. Earth day is marked to make people aware that this is the moment to change it all - the political climate, business climate, and how we act to save our climate. With so many unexpected natural … Continue reading Earth Day 2022

Indian Superfoods For Super Seniors

Any food item that is packed with many nutrients beneficial to the human body is given a new name “superfood.” These are loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, protein, etc, and low in calories too. We are swearing by “superfoods” but honestly, it is a marketing term. Foreign foods like avocado, broccoli,  … Continue reading Indian Superfoods For Super Seniors

Take care of the Digestive System

One thing which comes along from childhood to being a senior citizen is a tummy ache. In school days, it might be used as an excuse many times but it evolves into a long list of digestive problems as one ages. Conditions like acid reflux and constipation are annoying but the good news is they … Continue reading Take care of the Digestive System

Loneliness and Social Isolation in Seniors

It was way back in the nineties when I had lost my mother and I was persuading my father to wind up his home and move with me. He took three years to decide and moved with me. Here, I had constructed a completely independent unit on the first floor for him. I want him … Continue reading Loneliness and Social Isolation in Seniors

Creating Safe Home For Seniors

When there is a new addition to the family, we change the setting of the home in accordance with the needs of the little one. When the baby starts crawling, all the sharp corners of the furniture are guarded for the safety of the baby. Even the plug points within the range of the baby … Continue reading Creating Safe Home For Seniors


Wine gets better and better with age and we all dream of aging like good wine as the years go by. This dream is rarely realized. Growing old comes with its share of losses and challenges. The digestive system becomes finicky, aches and pains seem to spring out of nowhere and moods may be less … Continue reading MEDITATION AND MINDFULNESS

Generation Gap

The challenge, in which I am participating, one letter is assigned for every day. But with my topic ( about retired seniors) it is becoming difficult to follow. In fact, due to this, I am behind by two posts, which I will be covering this Sunday. So now without any stress to follow the Alphabetic … Continue reading Generation Gap