जियें आज में।

जियें आज में। राकेश जी नेअपनी बीवी की अलमारी खोली और वहां सामने ही एक सुनहरे रंग का पैकेट सब से ऊपर रखा हुआ था। उन्होंने पैकेट खोला और उसमें रखी बेहद खूबसूरत सिल्क की साड़ी और उसके साथ की ज्वेलरी को एकटक देखने लगे। जैसे फिर से वह वापस उन्हीं दिनों में खो गए … Continue reading जियें आज में।

Senior Community Living

Old age homes or senior living are a new concept in Indian society, where the onus of taking care of elders fall on the shoulders of the next generation. It was a usual practice when people were not so mobile. They used to sacrifice many opportunities as they do not want to move away from … Continue reading Senior Community Living


Be happy as you age! Remember the time, when you were growing up to be a young adult. That was the peak of happiness as adulthood in those times is a road towards independence. Usually, it is seen that while growing up towards old adulthood, people think that it is like going downhill. Surprisingly the … Continue reading HOW TO BE HAPPY?

Problems Faced By Seniors in India

Source- Unsplash The elderly population in India is one of the fastest-growing in the world. At present India is considered as the second-largest global population of aging citizens. It is expected that the present number will further increase by 2050. Nevertheless, India lacks the basic infrastructure and expertise to support the health and welfare of … Continue reading Problems Faced By Seniors in India

Perks of Golden Years.

Retirement years are also called golden years. Getting older has its own perks. With age, the learnings from life, which we call “crystallized intelligence” get better with time. It keeps getting better as you enter your 60s, 70s… 80s. So, you become a “Ms. / Mr. Knowall. Enjoy the new status! But remember unwanted advice … Continue reading Perks of Golden Years.

Importance of Will

Will is important. Unsplash Pic. We all know, that how important it is to make a clearly worded will, so that after you are gone, your assets may be transferred to your legal heirs without any problems. Anyone can write his/her will without any legal support. It should be in simple language that clearly conveys … Continue reading Importance of Will

Share Your Expertise With Partner

Sharing is caring is the most popular adage on social media. It is important in life too. I know you'll ask me why? Because no two persons have come together or gone together. Each one has his own personal journey. I have learned the importance of sharing life's learnings between spouses. I am sharing two … Continue reading Share Your Expertise With Partner