Lakhnawi Dastrakhan (Lucknow Food Trail)

Lucknow is known for its food cuisine. I have come here  for 2 days,  which I know are not enough to explore the history or food trail of the city. Due to time constraint, I had listed some well known and old eateries of Lucknow.Royal Cafe in Hazratganj was already on the list. My husband, … Continue reading Lakhnawi Dastrakhan (Lucknow Food Trail)

Appam Patra – The Magic Pot

Prestige  Appam patra Last week, while scanning the news on Google news, I saw a news item from NDTV about weight loss in my personalized news items . I checked my weight and found that I have gained 4 kg in the last one and a half month while vacationing with my sister. Now, how … Continue reading Appam Patra – The Magic Pot

Apricot sweet

This is the onset of festive times in India. Even though  vast spectrum of sweets are available off the counter, there is no comparison of the home made sweets served with love. Here is a very easy and  tasty Indian ( not so common) sweet, which you can prepare a day or two before. Apricot … Continue reading Apricot sweet


Mangodi is made from moong (petite yellow) lentil. Usually dhuli moong daal (yellow lentil) is used, but I prefer moong chilka daal ( green lentil) as it has more fibers. I like this vegetable as it's healthy and tasty. Being made from lentils, its full of proteins and since its not made as routine lentils. … Continue reading THE LENTIL CURRY – “MANGODI”