Quinoa – The Superfood

Quinoa pronounced as kinuwa has recently been acknowledged as "superfood". Quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa) is a pseudocereal, as this grain isn’t from grasses like wheat and rice. Quinoa is the seed of Chenopodium quinoa and is closely related to bathua which is Chenopodium album (goosefoot).These gluten free seeds are rich in proteins, vitamin B, dietary minerals and fibers. … Continue reading Quinoa – The Superfood

Ahmedabad Food Bloggers Meet @Baraco Sizzler , 16th Dec, 2018

It all started by a message on Instagram  of "dil-vich_foodie". Few messages were exchanged on Insta and then we shifted to whatsapp. The foodie at heart ( dil-vich-foodie) turns out to be Priti Gupta and the conversation was about the blogger's meet she is organising. Since I am free on Sunday, I confirm my presence … Continue reading Ahmedabad Food Bloggers Meet @Baraco Sizzler , 16th Dec, 2018

Lakhnawi Dastrakhan (Lucknow Food Trail)

Lucknow is known for its food cuisine. I have come here  for 2 days,  which I know are not enough to explore the history or food trail of the city. Due to time constraint, I had listed some well known and old eateries of Lucknow.Royal Cafe in Hazratganj was already on the list. My husband, … Continue reading Lakhnawi Dastrakhan (Lucknow Food Trail)