How about a Date?

It’s quite ok to have a date, whatever your age! Isn't it? Yes,  dates keep one  quite healthy and happy and one should try to include them in the diet. Confused? We are referring to dates  also known as khajur in Hindi. 🙂 This being Ramadan month, dates is one of the most popular foods … Continue reading How about a Date?

Retired Life

Retirement brings shivers in a man's heart and more so in his wife's. But no one seems to be concerned about her. Everyone is unconcerned about the changes that will bring her world “topsy turvy”.  If you are a working wife, chances are you are still going to the office, leaving the whole house to the … Continue reading Retired Life

Remembering Irrfan

Irfaan Khan was one of my favourite actors. "Life in a Metro" was the first movie where I saw him for the first time. Irfan has a small role of a man too keen to get married. His talent was matched by Konkona Sen Sharma. The film had a bevy of stars but Irfan was … Continue reading Remembering Irrfan


आज उमाजी का मन बालकनी में  पड़े झूले से उठने को बिलकुल नहीं कर रहा था. अभी कल ही तो शिखर के घर से वापस आयीं थी. शिखर उन के नव विवाहित बेटे हैं, जो मुम्बई में रहते हैं. शिखर ने पिछले वर्ष ही प्रेम विवाह करा था. झूले पर आगे पीछे होती, उमा भी … Continue reading बदलाव

How To Be Happy !

All through our lives, we are always making efforts to be happy But what is the answer to this million dollar question - "What makes us happy?" Prior to corona days, one can go out and have favourite food at some good food joint and lo,the mood is uplifted. This results in  instant happiness. Many … Continue reading How To Be Happy !

“Once Again” – Movie Review

Thanks to the OTT platforms, there is no dearth of the variety of  content available online. I mostly scan Netflix or Prime in search of  some interesting movies. Today, I settled for " Once Again" , a movie of 2018 starting Shefali Shah and Neeraj Kabi. Shefali is one of my favourites and this is … Continue reading “Once Again” – Movie Review

My Dear Lhea

  Lhea came into my life precisely on March 5, 2018. She was my son's pet and came to Ahmedabad when he shifted to Ahmedabad. Since he stayed with me before setting up his own home, Lhea also came to stay with us. Frankly speaking, I was not ready to have a pet at home … Continue reading My Dear Lhea