How about a Date?

It’s quite ok to have a date, whatever your age! Isn't it? Yes,  dates keep one  quite healthy and happy and one should try to include them in the diet. Confused? We are referring to dates  also known as khajur in Hindi. 🙂 This being Ramadan month, dates is one of the most popular foods … Continue reading How about a Date?

Retired Life

Retirement brings shivers in a man's heart and more so in his wife's. But no one seems to be concerned about her. Everyone is unconcerned about the changes that will bring her world “topsy turvy”.  If you are a working wife, chances are you are still going to the office, leaving the whole house to the … Continue reading Retired Life


आज उमाजी का मन बालकनी में  पड़े झूले से उठने को बिलकुल नहीं कर रहा था. अभी कल ही तो शिखर के घर से वापस आयीं थी. शिखर उन के नव विवाहित बेटे हैं, जो मुम्बई में रहते हैं. शिखर ने पिछले वर्ष ही प्रेम विवाह करा था. झूले पर आगे पीछे होती, उमा भी … Continue reading बदलाव