Self Realization ?

The last few days of the year!
Its so near in past, when we welcomed 2012! Now, at this juncture of my life, I am questioning myself, why was I born? The urge to self realization is growing. When I look back, I found that such thoughts never occured. I was too busy, fulfilling the life’s responsibilities and my aspirations.

I mostly lived on day to day basis. I did not worry much for the next day as I have a strong feel that God has already planned my tomorrow. I only have to manage the challanges he has thrown at me.God has directed me to the righteus path and has never failed me .The life has been very safe.

Now, I am in the space to explore about self realization. I am reading a lot about it and I am trying to be humble, happy and at peace with myself. I am also trying to kill my ego. I am not able to meditate as I can’t concentrate much. It needs lots of effort and time and I am ready for it now.


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