Rajesh Khanna


With Rajesh Khanna’s death, an era has ended. He was the one superstar, I have grown up with. “Safar” was the first movie, I saw of him as a ten years old young girl. His on screen death affected me so much, that my father has to ask the cinema hall gate keeper to let me see the starting of next show and see myself that nothing has happened to him. Its just a filmy ending. The films like Aradhana, Daag, Ashirwaad and so many more with Sharmila, Asha Parekh , Mumtaz have given immense happiness to audiences.

rk1He has seen the best life under  lights, camera and fans. But at family front, he lost the most important relation of companionship. His wife. As per the rumours , before Dimple left him, he was a wife beater too.


My heart goes to Dimple, who was there , when the end came. Though, they were living away, there was an unbroken bond which brought her to look after Rajesh when he needed her most.Its good that his whole family was with him, when the end came.


Who knows, he may come back to his own family as his daughter’s baby? It is believed in Hindu religion that soul comes back to its own people.

May his soul rests in peace!


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