20 march, 2012: Freedom!

After such a long time I am back! I was lost in work. I was working on projects, I was not convinced and finally I had taken a call and threw all of them away. How much relaxed I am.

Working from home has its own advantages and disadvantages. I understand, I had enjoyed all the advantages and am overflowing with the enjoyment of WFH. Time has come to move on…. ! But move where is the big question.

The moment I have decided to call it a day, I felt so light!

Tomorrow, I am going to meet my old university days friend after 30 long years. Its a great feeling.

The late afternoon is filled with aaha..ahha of toothache. It is still continuing. :(. Though its past midnight, I am dreading lying down. As I lie down, the toothache aggravates. I found out that lying down increases the blood pressure in the tooth, hence I am dreading lying down to sleep. Tonight, I will be with my friend- lappy. I guess, I must watch a movie here. Some interesting movie on YouTube. Or i can even listen some interesting folk songs… chalo bye friends!

Good Morning!

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